Why the Internet increasingly important business handles
High wages, advertising and sponsorship – all this does not need the Internet. Therefore, it is possible to achieve customer-friendly prices. The Internet is always open up more opportunities. People can communicate more easily with each other and cooperate. At the same time it is more efficient and allows to save time and money.

To save expensive advertising costs, companies are offering more and more opportunities to pay commissions for referrals. This opens up additional opportunities to participate in this marketing concept.

Recommendation Marketing (affiliate)
is a recent study that the confidence of customers to 25% in advertising messages, 60% in ratings of online portals and 90% based on recommendations. Recommendations of satisfied customers is to advertise the most cost effective and promising way.

Bill Gates
, Microsoft founder and American multi-billionaire 
“In the coming years there will be only three types of transactions:

  1. Internet shops
  2. Recommended stores (which are now already 90% of all businesses in the US
  3. That no longer exist which, because they have missed this trend. “